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I received my N82 from the S60 Ambassador’s program about a week ago. I opened up my box of delight; with really no expectations except for I have always liked the Nokia products I have used.


The first thing I noticed as I opened the back to slip my SIM card in was the slot for the SIM card was really flimsy.  Maybe just because I am a like a klutz, but even after a week of use, I feel like I could break that little piece of silver off far too easily.  Not letting this deter my excitement for the new phone, I quickly dug into the software, installing what I feel is essential to my mobile needs. HandyTaskman for one is a necessity.  Installing software is a breeze, and very efficient.


This phone has been engineered with the media as a main marketing point, so I turned on the radio while uploading music. I have liked the radio function, but it is not a key selling factor to me, because I do not listen to mainstream music. However, once I got my eclectic taste of music on the phone, I plugged in the Nokia headset that was included and set off for a walk.  I hate the Nokia earplugs. They are uncomfortable, cumbersome and that is just putting them on the neck. The quality of the music is great, and the sitting in my ears is horrible. I pulled out my Sennheiser earphones so I could listen in comfort. This made my music consuming much more enjoyable.


My next stop was to take pictures, because this is what I do, photograph things. The camera in this phone rocks my world. The color and clarity are out of this world and considering I am holding this little device in one hand, I have no idea how the manufacture put such a great camera in a little phone. I do not really care. I love it. For a point and shoot camera, this is definitely a consideration. It has even impressed my non techie friends and that is saying a lot.


There is a couple of things I do not care about on this phone and one of them is the stupid gallery button they put in the middle on the right side. If I was left handed, this button wouldn’t bother me, but I am not and it does. If I had a dime for every time I am texting and push this button and then have to exit and go back to my text, I could pay for the phone myself. The button is raised, so I can’t ignore it. I absolutely hate the position of this button. Two, the buttons themselves. They are sharp, small and annoying. Third, the middle scroll button.  Maybe I am tough on things, but I can easily see in the end of my two months of ownership that this button will be taken off. It feels like it is barely glued on with rubber cement. The craftsmanship of this device feels solid till I hit this center button and I am afraid it will come off at any second. So far it has not, but that does not erase the fear that it will.


Overall, I am enjoying the N82 and love the ooohhhh what is that factor among friends and strangers. The call quality can not be beat, the quality of media has reminded me how much I enjoy music, and has great technology to back up the shiny factor.


I am appreciative to the S60 Ambassador program for the loan.